Content based video: part 2

Published on 12/09,2016

In this post I want to talk about step of index tree in video.

for construct tree we need to define window size that known winszie. for example If winsize is 3, the next 3 patterns {B,C, A} from A are contained in the window {A, B, C, A} in clip 1 in previous post.winszie can be static and dynamic.The main advantage of static window size is that the index-tree can be built off-line and the tree construction cost can be saved while perform-ing the pattern matching operation. In contrast to the static win-dow size, dynamic window size is an adaptive method that can adjust the window size according to the length of the query clip.two shot-patterns are enough to solve the sequence matching problem. below picture shows two shot-pattern for winsize 3.

fast-pattern-index tree: More generally, FPI-tree can be regarded as a 2-pattern-based prefix-tree and the construction can be viewed as an iterative operation. For each clip in the data-base, we have to generate all two shot-patterns, which is represented as ‘‘2-pattern” . If a 2-pattern is shared with multiple clips, the related clip ids can form the queue prefixed by the specific 2-pattern.

example of FPI tree



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