Facebook Bombs: 7 Million Fans Like Leo Messi

GoldenGoal | 07 April, 2011 09:38



Seven hours after Argentine soccer player Leo Messi started a Facebook Page, he has almost 7 million Likes as of Wednesday afternoon.

Social networking sites especially Facebook made their own culture. Life is different up there. Mabe each minute or second in this kind of life is equivalent to a day in real life. Many people have a Facebook account but afew of them are really living there and So many (like us)are like polar bear. We post a new status or share a photo and then sleep for about 6 months and after that period come back and check the feedbacks. These days social services like facebook and twitter change the life for famous people like soccer players and hollywood stars. It is sometimes fun and sometimes weired.

But if you are a fan of Barcelona don't  bother yourself to read this kind of stuff, just go to the page and like it and enjoy the big number.





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